Sunday 1 January 2012

Hippy New Year!

Here's hoping everyone has had an enjoyable festive period. Once we were left 'empty-nesters' again after Christmas, we gave the periodical Vitamin ADE injections, and then yesterday, we walked our four halter-trained alpacas, two at a time, a quarter of a mile through the village to a lush orchard for new grazing. Camelot has stayed behind for halter training, with his mum and Moira, which began today.
lush new grazing

Further to previous blog - Barbara, you may be delighted to hear that Santa brought me a string of solar-powered l.e.d's, which I've strung through the shelter - post-Christmas it's like a fairy grotto/hippy den!
Moira enhanced her thin coat, with an idea from the  Worzel Gummidge collection.

The previous blog also referred to the newly-launched Appleknit web-site - but what I hadn't realised, as it was 'top-secret', was that the 'incompleteness' wasn't due to tardiness by the web-developer (son), but because our three 'children' had all played a part in secretly creating a short video introduction for the Homepage and Youtube, which was only uploaded on Christmas Day as a pressie for Mrs. Smallholder - Kerry filmed the action sequences and photographed the still shots, Phil' edited the whole, and Ross made it 'web-suitable', each using their particular professional skills. So please have a look, and if you 'share' it on Facebook to spread the word, it would be appreciated greatly!
spoiled for choice.

Talking of Facebook, I have to confess to be dragged screaming and kicking into joining today - I had been registered eighteen months ago, but buried my head in the sand and refused to activate it, and this evening was coerced in a weak moment - due to my wanting to fully support Appleknit, naturally - after all I am a shareholder. Now it seems, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be my friend! If you are Tom, Dick or Harry, well sorry, I only have room for one of each, and I'll be holding interviews/auditions for those places in due course...

Meanwhile, it's fun looking forward to the show schedule, conferences, training days, birthing 'schedule', new grass, longer days, and I'm updating up the administration while I've a bit of holiday left. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, safe, satisfying and prosperous year.


  1. Glad Santa was kind to you Dave!

    Happy New Year and wishing you all the best with the courses in 2012 (have visited the site and it looks like a busy start to the year for Mrs S!)

  2. Happy New Year, and happy new web site!. Looks great, and the video looks very professional, the spin course looks very tempting, sadly too far away from North Yorkshire.